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photo of therapist Susanne Stauch

Susanne Stauch
Alternative Practitioner Psychotherapy

AGAPE holistic creative healing 
Allerstraße 18
12049 Berlin


I work in both English and German.


Meet & Greet

There are different ways to book a 15 – 20 minute free video call with me, where we can get to know each other and find out how I can support you best.


Through the platform it’s complicated:


You are of course welcome to contact me directly:


Intake Session (obligatory)
100 minutes/€ 180,-

frequency 2-4 x per month
50 minutes: € 90,- (10 sessions 800,-)
75 minutes: € 135,- (10 sessions 1200,-)

Energy Work
1,5 – 3 hours
drop in: € 110,-/h
3 sessions: € 100,-/h
5 sessions: € 90,-/h

I offer a sliding scale if needed, please talk to me for further information. Once a month I gift a session (50 minutes), for which you can apply by mail with a short explanation.

Cancellations must be communicated at least 24 hours before the appointment, otherwise the session will be charged.

Advantages as a Self Payer
There is no need for an application for cost coverage and the commission of a fee-based expert opinion for the insurance. Statutory and private health and supplementary insurances require a psychological expert opinion with a diagnosis of a mental disorder in order to cover the costs of psychotherapy. Depending on the profession or employment relationship (e.g. when taking out a new insurance policy, applying for a civil servant position, changing to a private health or supplementary insurance policy), this may be relevant under certain circumstances and self-payment may be more advantageous accordingly. In addition, the waiting times are usually much shorter than with therapists who are licensed by health insurance companies and who can only bill for the standard procedures. In most cases I can offer appointments for an initial consultation at short notice, for acute crisis interventions I always have a place.

There are private insurances that cover treatment by “Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie”. Please inform yourself about the respective conditions.

Please be aware that working with me doesn’t substitute for a medical check up. In case you experience physical or severe psychological symptoms it is necessary to consult a medical doctor/psychiatrist prior to working with me. I can support you in finding the right physician. 

"We are all
just walking
each other home."

Ram Dass

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