One on One Sessions

If it is your first time with me, please book a 15 minute “meet & greet” so we can clarify how I can support you best.


Our first meeting takes ca. 1,5 hours: getting to know each other, taking in information, planning our work and formalities.

Therapy and Coaching are offered in the standard setting of 50 minutes per week, however having 75 minutes per session has proven to often be more effective as we can dive deeper into a topic/ intervention.

Shamanic Energy Work as well as Breathwork sessions are very supportive in therapy, however need to be planned ahead as it is more time intense than 50 or 75 minutes. If you have a specific topic you already know you’d like to process in depth, or want to go deeper into something that came up in a session, we can schedule Energy Work or Breathwork as needed. If you are only interested in Energy Work or Breathwork it is recommended that you have a daily practice and have already embarked on your healing journey, as it also needs reflection and introspection to benefit best from these approaches.

Hypnotherapy and Theta Healing are part of the regular therapy sessions, by experience 75 minutes is recommended for going deep into a process without interruption.

Bifocal methods as EMDR require 90 minutes. As they are confrontational, they are applied only in the later phase of integration within therapy and can’t be booked outside a therapeutic relationship.

Therapy Formats

Trauma Therapy

2-4 times/month
50/75 minutes
10 sessions bundle available

Systemic Life Coaching

2-4 times/month
50/75 minutes
10 sessions bundle available


only within therapy
90 minutes

Shamanic Energy Work

up to 3 hours
3/5 sessions bundles available

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Your Healing Journey

Taking an onion as metaphor, our challenges are layered and interconnected and the work aims at peeling those layers off one by one until we reach the core, where true healing happens. No matter where you are at on your healing journey, planning for 10 sessions is a good start to work through one of these layers. I personally recommend to take breaks and implement the gained insights and changes over a couple of weeks or months before approaching the next layer. Healing takes time, rewiring the nervous system takes discipline and repetition and establishing healthy beliefs and habits is a daily practice of patience and self compassion.

My goal is to accompany you on your healing journey, to teach you tools and methods that help you to self-regulate, be more present and to overcome maladaptive patterns and habits. With my humanistic understanding I strongly encourage your independency and self-responsibility while supporting you wherever you may not yet be able to hold space for yourself, knowing that my role is that of a midwife helping you to bring to light the hidden treasures and resources you carry within.

"No matter how long your
journey appears to be,
there is never more than
this: one step, one breath,
one moment, NOW."

Eckhart Tolle

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