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photo of therapist Susanne Stauch My name is Susanne Stauch and I am a licensed mental health practitioner (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie). As a trauma therapist and systemic coach with a holistic focus on attachment and early childhood experiences, I would be happy to support and encourage you on your path of healing.

Sometimes life presents us with challenges that we cannot overcome on our own. When our lives spiral out of control or we experience an existential crisis, it is a sign of our courage, strength and self-care to seek support.

Do you feel stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed? Sad, depressed, irritated or angry? Are you stuck in patterns, addictions, escapism? Do you have trouble setting healthy boundaries or building nurturing relationships? Do you have chronic physical ailments, sleep or concentration problems? Or do you feel lost, lonely, anxious or burned out by the state of the world, without clear direction or searching for your soul’s purpose? These are just some of the symptoms trauma can cause in our lives. Read more: What is Trauma?

I accompany you on your path with methods from systemic coaching, hypnosis and trauma therapy, with energy medicine of the Q’ero as well as mindfulness and bodywork. I’m happy to share more about my approach and attitude in a free video call and look forward to getting to know you and see how I can support you in the best way.


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Trauma Therapy
Systemic Life Coaching

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Shamanic Energy Work (Q'ero)
Theta Healing
Meditation & Mindfulness

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Somatic Processing, Breathwork & Yoga
Creative Integration
Ceremonies & Rituals

AGAPE is the divine, unconditional love we all strive to manifest in our lives.

What separates us from being (in) Agape, from being fully embodied and alive, are the self perceptions, beliefs, behavioral patterns, coping strategies and neural connections we developed in order to adjust to our care givers and environment, sometimes to survive a traumatic experience or ongoing, unbearable circumstances. It takes courage – a personal supernova – compassionate witnessing, acceptance, forgiveness, letting go and surrender to the depth of our heart, body and spirit. If we allow ourselves to step beyond our self-limiting stories, we can be birthed into our true nature and unique purpose in this existence.

My offering is a safe space for you to process and free yourself from the various consequences of negative and traumatic experiences in your life.

Whether you feel held back by something or not fully alive, can’t relate in a fulfilling way or if things are simply not in flow… I support and accompany you in empowering yourself by activating your resources and initiating your courage and curiosity to shed light onto the dark and uncomfortable (unconscious, suppressed, dissociated) parts and emotions within you. Through self-compassionate acknowledgment of those parts as well as feeling and integrating the suppressed emotions, you transform and widen the space within for acceptance and love towards yourself.

Based on my humanistic world view, I offer different levels of interventions from systemic coaching, to activating resources and self-care strategies, to stepping out of the drama-triangle and into self-responsibility, all the way to deep trauma work. Most importantly, humanistic psychotherapy is presuming that everything you need can be found or developed within. As I don’t have your answers, nor the power to “do” anything on your behalf, you will find in me a compassionate, supportive, respectful, kind and solution-focused witness and companion on your own path towards healing, holding the space for your self-discovery and transformation from within.

I work intuitively and compassionately with what you bring into that space, where you are on your path of self healing and what shows up to be processed, integrated or released – drawing from a wide range of methods and techniques I have studied and collected on my own journey of self healing over the past 10 years and an ever-growing connection to realms beyond our normal perception.

What my clients say

"I feel so seen and supported by you in a very deep way, which gives me strength and hope away from our appointments. Not just for me but for all of humanity.

Thank you for your great work."
H.H. 2023
"I am truly grateful for the transformative experience I had with Susanne. Her unique approach, blending spirituality, hypnotherapy, trauma therapy, and visualizations/energy work, has had a profound impact on my life. Through our sessions, I was able to embark on a journey deep within myself, uncovering suppressed aspects of my being and reconnecting with my inner child.

Susanne's guidance and expertise helped me release these hidden parts of myself, allowing me to fill my life with light and love. The newfound confidence I have gained has had a significant positive influence on my day-to-day experiences. What's even more remarkable is that my chronic illnesses, which once dictated my life, no longer hold power over me.

I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible work Susanne and I have accomplished together. Her empathetic and compassionate nature provided a safe space for me to explore and heal. With her support, I have acquired invaluable insights and tools that I now carry with me as I navigate through life.

I highly recommend Susanne to anyone seeking a truly transformative therapeutic experience. Her holistic approach and profound understanding of the human psyche create a powerful platform for growth, healing, and self-discovery. Thank you, Susanne, for helping me find my inner strength and guiding me towards a more fulfilled life."
A.O. 2023
"From my first session with Susanne I felt that she understood how I was feeling and was able to offer advice on how I could arrive at a better place in my grief through different techniques. She creates a safe and open space and I found that through the hypnotherapy work I could connect with myself more, gain a lot of insights into my mind and my behaviour, and let go of a lot of fear that had been holding me back. The shamanic work we did was really powerful and I felt a profound shift in the following weeks in myself. I think one of the things Susanne has helped me with most is with allowing me to see death as not the end of my relationship. I feel like through our sessions together I have been able to let go of negative emotions and energy while reconnecting with my mum in a different way, and to feel more confident in myself without her here. Thank you, Susanne"
E.K. 2023
"I can honestly say that working with Susanne has been life-changing. The shamanic healing tools she works with have freed me from many negative and limiting habits of perception, releasing trapped energies that have dominated my life in a number of ways.

Most of those stuck energies were from a deeply traumatizing childhood incident, one that had caused a number of PTSD-like symptoms... defensive protections, hyper alertness, sudden rage outbursts, restless leg syndrome, OCD and more.

Her unique combination of modern trauma therapy combined with ancient shamanic techniques has been completely transformative. Highly recommended!"
P.H. 2022
"Confronting a long-held somatic trauma from my childhood has been a crucible of healing for me. The body will release its narratives when it’s ready but there are processes which can accelerate these timelines. Working with Susa was a revelatory experience that surfaced one such narrative, opening a dimension of my personal journey that could not have been possible on my own. A wonderful outcome for someone just embarking on their path toward mastering the shamanic arts."
S.M. 2021

AGAPE formats & offerings

As different needs ask for different formats, working together can happen in various ways, both in person and online.

First time? Let’s have a 15 minute video call to clarify what you need and how I can support you best:

Therapy & Coaching

frequency 2-4 x per month
50/75 minutes

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Shamanic Energy Work

drop in sessions
1,5 - 3 hours

learn more about Shamanic Energy Work

Ceremonies & Rituals

deepening our connections to each other, nature and the cosmos

learn more about Ceremonies & Rituals

Circles & Craft

for couples, expecting mothers, women's groups and more

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photo of therapist Susanne Stauch with ceremonial drum

ACCEPT where you are, right now
ALLOW healing to emerge from within
SURRENDER to the mysteries of life
FORGIVE yourself and others
INTEGRATE new ways of being
HEAL into wholeness
AGAPE . holistic, creative healing

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