AGAPE is the divine, unconditional love we all strive to manifest in our lives. What separates us from being (in) Agape, from being fully embodied and alive, are the self perceptions, beliefs, behavioral patterns, coping strategies and neural connections we developed in order to survive a traumatic experience or ongoing, unbearable circumstances. It takes courage – a personal supernova – compassionate witnessing, acceptance, forgiveness, letting go and surrender to the depth of our heart, body and spirit. If we allow ourselves to step beyond our self-limiting stories, we can be birthed into our true nature and unique purpose in this existence.

“We are all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

My offering is a safe and sacred space for you to process and free yourself from the various consequences of negative and traumatic experiences in your life. Whether you feel depressed, anxious, angry, lonely, stuck, held back by something or not fully alive, can’t relate in a fulfilling way or if things are simply not in flow… I support and accompany you in empowering yourself by activating your resources and initiating your courage to shed light onto the dark and uncomfortable (unconscious, suppressed, dissociated) parts and emotions within you. Through self-compassionate acknowledgment of those parts as well as feeling and integrating the suppressed emotions, you transform and widen the space within for acceptance and love towards yourself.

I work intuitively and compassionately with what you bring into that space, where you are on your path of self healing and what shows up to be processed, integrated or released – drawing from a wide range of methods and techniques I have studied and collected on my own journey of self healing over the past 10 years and an ever-growing connection to realms beyond our normal perception.



Confronting a long-held somatic trauma from my childhood has been a crucible of healing for me. The body will release its narratives when it’s ready but there are processes which can accelerate these timelines. Working with Susa was a revelatory experience that surfaced one such narrative, opening a dimension of my personal journey that could not have been possible on my own.  A wonderful outcome for someone just embarking on their path toward mastering the shamanic arts.  – SM

I can honestly say that working with Susa has been life-changing. The shamanic healing tools she’s applied have freed me from many negative and limiting habits of perception, releasing trapped energies that have dominated my life in a number of ways. This is ancient quantum medicine. Highly recommended! -PH