Methods & Approach

My work has a humanistic approach and is a fusion of different schools aiming at a deeper understanding of human consciousness: Neurology and the nervous system, the psyche and social context, quantum physics and the mystery of the soul. In doing so, I increasingly step aside and allow the work to unfold in its own way, making each session unique and focused specifically on what wants to be brought to attention, what wants to be witnessed. In doing so, I hold the space for loving and compassionate self-acceptance.

The psycho-spiritual connection consists of:

  • Depth Psychology (C.G. Jung, A. Adler et al.)
  • current Trauma Research (B.v.d.Kolk, E. Nijenhuis, P. Levine et al.)
  • Hypnosis (M. Erickson)
  • EMDR (F. Shapiro)
  • Polyvagal Theory (S. Porges)
  • Energy Medicine of the Q’ero Nation (Peru)
  • the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali (asana/pranayama/dhyana = exercise/breath/meditation)

These methods have proven to be extremely effective in holistically assessing individual challenges and blockages, tracking down their cause, realigning our mindset, clearing our energy field and releasing emotions from our body. In doing so, we are always in touch with the mystery of life – instead of just treating the symptoms. Interestingly, these methods are only slowly finding their way into classical psycho- and behavioral therapy (guideline procedures), although research has now recognized the positive effects of meditation and mindful body awareness, as well as the healing effects of imagination and hypnosis.

Please be aware that working with me doesn’t substitute for a medical check up. In case you experience physical or severe psychological symptoms it is necessary to consult a medical doctor/psychiatrist prior to working with me. I can support you in finding the right doctors. 

Learn more about the various methods I work with below:

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Trauma Therapy

The most common association with trauma are catastrophic events like earthquakes, war or accidents. But there is a much wider spread and often subtle, yet complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) caused by repetitive toxic or inappropriate behavior of caregivers towards their young. Whether it is lack of self control, abuse, violence or simply emotional neglect, not having our needs met as children can cause a variety of survival strategies that don’t serve us anymore as adults. We can be unaware of the root causes of our today’s challenges as they often feel so normal that we don’t question them. With a primary focus on safety, stabilization and your strengths and resources, we explore the circumstances of your upbringing, uncover underlying attachment issues or complex traumatization experienced during childhood and adolescence to eventually confront and work through the dissociated emotions and beliefs connected to those experiences.

More info:
What is Trauma?
Synthesis in Trauma Therapy



Creative imagination is a powerful tool for gaining more clarity about how we are internally organized and which beliefs drive or suppress our actions and emotions. It improves internal cooperation and compassion with all that we are. Hypnotherapy works with our ego states, the different parts we are comprised off, their sometimes contradictory motivations, emotions and behavior and helps us to heal ourselves by witnessing and caring for our hurt parts, eventually integrating the pain and grief they have been carrying so that we become whole.


Systemic Life Coaching

Coaching is a resource oriented and solution focused approach that helps us to navigate the complexity of life as we understand ourselves embedded in a systemic context. Coaching is different to therapy as it addresses the future and not the past.

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Shamanic Energy Work

Clearing our energy field from negative imprints, emotions and beliefs caused by trauma supports the healing energetically. We gain access to our luminous energy field through the chakras. This complex ancient medicine wisdom from the Q’ero Nation of the high Andes in Peru helps us to reconnect with our true spiritual nature and with All That Is. As a transpersonal approach it is especially supportive in existential or spiritual crisis as it opens our consciousness to energies beyond our realm.

More info:
The cosmology of the Q’ero Nation from Peru


Theta Healing

This method is based on the theta brainwaves activated during deep meditation or trance states and allows us to access deeper levels of our subconscious, our beliefs, thought patterns and fears. Theta Healing works with creator energy and witnessing desired transformation and is used by me as a complement to shamanic energy work. Founded by Vianna Stibal.


Meditation & Mindfulness

Compassionate self observation, acceptance of what is and conscious focusing of our thoughts on the positive are highly effective tools to rewire our nervous system, as it stimulates the vagus nerve.

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Breathwork & Yoga

Our breath is our direct connection to life, to the present moment, and to our bodies, and can help us to calm down and be present (stimulation of the ventral vagus nerve).

Breathwork uses connected breath, where the increase of oxygen in the brain can induce altered states of consciousness and even psychedelic experiences, allowing deep access to the realm of our unconscious emotions, patterns and beliefs, and thus profound insights. In this state, we find it easier to release feelings and holding patterns stored in the body through, for example, movement, trembling, sounding, crying or laughing.

Asanas, the combination of focused and controlled movements with our breath help us to be more grounded, relaxed and present. Yoga also releases trauma-related held or dissociated emotions, allowing us to experience ourselves with increasing spaciousness and softness (flexibility).


Polyvagal Theory & Nutrition

Stress is one of the main causes of a variety of diseases in our modern society. Through specific stimulation of the ventral vagus nerve, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and with it relaxation, security, contact, openness, trust and intuition. Through these exercises we slowly teach our nervous system to exit from an often unconscious, chronic, stress-induced, sympathetic survival mode with all its hormonal, organic, physical and psychological effects (burn out). Stress often manifests as visceral symptoms, as a dysregulation of the viscera and digestion, caused by the chronically suppressed parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for digestion. If the nervous system is regulated, corresponding symptoms usually decrease. Trauma and stress can cause us to not do enough self-care or harm ourselves through bad habits. What is important here is honest reflection and possible adjustment of eating habits and consumer behavior.

More info:
Polyval Theory +Exercises


Creative Integration, Rituals & Ceremonies

Craft and creative work connect us with our body and soul and support the integration of our work. Initiations are powerful portals towards self-responsibility and support the transition into a new phase of our lives.

"No tree, it is said,
can grow to heaven
unless its roots
reach down to hell."

C.G. Jung

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