My Path & History

Growing up in a family of psychotherapists, doctors, and pharmacologists, I naturally had a passion for health and healing, but I was not convinced by the fragmented, predominantly symptom-oriented approach of 1980/90’s conventional medicine as I experienced it in my parents’ work. Something was missing, but I didn’t know what it was at the time, so I took the creative route and became a goldsmith and designer. Soon I was questioning the market and its impact on the planet, while discovering the potential for self-efficacy that lies in creative work and craft. The turning point came with a fundamental insight I gained as a visiting professor of social design during a collaborative project with children from a slum school in Nairobi: in order to create our lives consciously and self-responsibly, we must compassionately integrate our shadow and heal the various ways we have been colonized, traumatized, hurt, abandoned, and disconnected from our true nature. Hence I turned my long-term passion into a profession and spent many years studying different approaches and methods, embarking on various adventures of self experience, receiving initiations into ancient wisdom and indigenous practices, and professionalizing myself with therapeutic qualifications.

As a passionate theorist, it has always been my ambition to expand my consciousness and find answers to the essential questions of life. Since my training as a goldsmith, I have intensively studied ontological philosophy, social and cultural sciences, psychology and creativity, and learned a lot about our humanity, the purpose of the soul, communication, social interaction and successful relationships, responsibility, inner peace, happiness, beauty and simplicity. Since becoming a mother myself, I have also been deeply involved in learning more about pregnancy, birth, motherhood and parenting, as well as cause and effect on prenatal and early childhood development.

My own journey of healing began at age 22 with the sudden death of my father, whose irrevocable absence triggered an identity crisis. Layer by layer, I worked through formative childhood experiences around belonging, trust, and appreciation that have left me experiencing life from a wounded perspective.

Thanks to the compassionate witnessing and acceptance of my beingness by teachers, healers, and circles, I have been able to allow myself devotional self-acceptance, self-empowerment, and the finding of the abilities and strengths  these formative experiences have to offer. Not only have I learned to approach myself and others with more acceptance, benevolence and forgiveness, but I have also experienced how rewarding this quest through the darkness and chasms of our soul really is and what it means to experience healing.

I live in Berlin with my husband and our two children.

Learn more about my professional past:
Soziales Transformationsdesign

Education, Certificates and Initiations:

– 01. 2024 (i. A.) Trauma Therapy, Hypnosis and EMDR . 384 hours
(Vera Dreher, Arche Medica)

2022 Nordic Sweat Lodge
(Initiation by Dana Richter)

2022 Pipe Keeper
(Chanupa-Initiation by Sundragon)

2022 Resource Oriented Talking Therapy . 128 hours
(Vera Dreher, Arche Medica)

2021 Women Circles and Process Work . 80 hours
(Fiona Shaw)

2021 Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy
(registered in Germany)

2019 Theta Healing Practitioner. Level 3
(Carolin Ehlers, Theta-Spirit)

2018 Light Body School / Shamanic Energy Work . 300 hours
(Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Four Winds Society)

2018 Earth Keeper (Kurak Akulleq) & The Munay Ki Rites
(Initiation by Four Winds Society)

2018 Reiki / Dr. Usui. 1. Grad
(Initiation by Ashara Kuckuck)

2018 Transformational Breathwork. Level 1
(Judith Kravitz)

2012 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training. 250 hours
(Manju Jois, Nancy Gilgoff, Cathy Cooper, Andrea Lutz)

2012 Systemic Business Coach . 250 hours
(European Coaching Association)

2008 Diploma (MA) Design
(weißensee school of art, Berlin)

2001 Goldsmith
(Staatliche Zeichenakademie, Hanau)

Personal Practice

since 2019: walking the Red Road in the Lakota-tradition
(Women Circles, Sweat Lodge, fire/prayer Ceremonies)
since 2012: Vipassana Meditation
(after S.N. Goenka)
since 2006: Ashtanga Yoga & Pranayama

as well as regular participation in:
Trance Dance, Gong Healing, Breath Work,
Embodiment, Therapeutical Fasting, Kambo,
Kundalini Yoga, Femininity

“Life is not a problem to be solved, nor a question to be answered. Life is a mystery to be experienced.”

Alan Watts

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