Ceremonies & Rituals

In deep gratitude and humility for the indigenous ceremonies and rituals from North and South America, I share the wisdom I gained through my teachers:

The celebration of life and wisdom of plantmedicine by Taita Juanito Chindoy (Botanist and Healer) from the Inga tribe in Putumayo, Columbian Amazon.

The ancient medicine wisdom and cosmology by the Q’ero Nation (Earth Keepers and Paqo’s) from the High Andes in Peru.

The deep compassion and witnessing by medicine woman Fiona Shaw (Midwife and Grief Worker) guiding a sisterhood on the Red Road in the Lakota tradition.


photo of Susanne Stauch with Taita Juanito and other healers

photo of fire pit for sweat lodge ritual

We have forgotten about the importance and deeper meaning of rituals, initiations and ceremonies for our lives, our aliveness.

To consciously let go or welcome different phases of our lifetime, whether initiated by personal development or sudden circumstances, inviting the rhythms of life and nature into our conscious presence helps us through these transitions.

We create a sacred space to honor and give thanks to the change, grieve our loss and welcome life by surrendering to the chaos that is always just a moment away.

In witnessing and reflecting each other, we reconnect with and remember our roots as human beings, being deeply one with each other, nature, the cosmos and the mystery.


Chanupa (peace pipe)
Despacho (prayer bundle)


Seven Generation Healing
Womb Healing
Womanhood (first moon)
Cosmic Motherhood (conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood)
Crone (Menopause)

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photo of therapist Susanne Stauch with medicine bundle

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